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Wooden Rowboats

The very image of a row boat suggests a simpler time, when relaxing on the water in company of a friend or two under the cool canopy of tall trees in the sun was commonplace. Fermon cedar-strip wooden rowboats are a window into that dim memory of the past, a return to the simple, natural leisures nature bestows on those who seek it.

Whether enjoying the solitude of a wide-open lake, a romantic trip with a special someone, or a family weekend adventure, Fermon cedar strip row boats for sale are the perfect way to drink in the epic beauty of the outdoors. With generous room for 2-4 people and easy, graceful maneuverability, a row boat is an excellent vessel to fill with new lasting memories.

Painstakingly handcrafted woodworking and lustrous finishing make each of Fermon's row boats for sale a masterpiece. Starting with rich Western Red Cedar, every strip is meticulously shaped to unite into a solid, refined whole. The strong frame of a Fermon cedar strip rowboat is built with longevity in mind, allowing these masterworks to surely become family heirlooms for decades to come. More than mere transportation, Fermon rowboats are a gateway into a time apart from the present. Indulge yourself and your loved ones in nature's timeless serenity, with an incomparable experience made from equal parts of strength and beauty.

13' 9" Rice Lake Skiff13' 9" Rice Lake Skiff
16' 0" The Stony Lake16' 0" The Stony Lake
Whitehall Rowing BoatWhitehall Rowing BoatThe Whitehall is a modern interpretation of a centuries old harbour

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