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16' 0" The Stony Lake
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Length 16 ft.
· Maximum beam 42"
· Beam waterline 36"
· Beam gunnel 42"
· Bow height 20"
· Centre depth 15.5"
· Draft 4.4"

Stony Lake
Peterborough style double ended rowing skiff
Displacement 400 lbs.
· Wetted surface 29.8n sq.ft.
· Weight to immerse 143 lbs/in
· Prismatic coefficient 0.520
· Weight 60-70 lbs.
· Stability factor 143
· Optimum capacity 180-600 lbs.
Used by several generations of cottagers for transportation around Stoney Lake, this double ended rowing skiff became known as a regatta winner. Thought to have been built by the Brown Boat Company, Lakefield, Ontario, the style is typical of the elegant cedar strip double ended skiffs built by several Peterborough area builders. Steve Killing has re-faired the hull and added slightly more volume to the ends to make rowing at moderate and high speeds more efficient. With two rowing positions, it is a versatile craft to enjoy alone or with your favourite partner out for a little fishing or an evening of conversation.

- Full-size drawings showing the profile, plan and section shape of the hull.
- Full size plans for the mold stations.
- Full size plans for stem molds.
- Builder's notes
- Epoxyworks newsletter
- WEST SYSTEM® technical manual

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