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Whitehall Rowing Boat
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The Whitehall is a modern interpretation of a centuries old harbour rowing boat. Using woodstrip epoxy building techniques, this 15' boat weighs in at 100 pounds (approx 45 kilos).

The Whitehall design- often defined by the champagne glass transom shape as seen below, is a design with some 300 years vintage. Originally, this shape was made exclusively as a harbour boat; it was a taxi, a cargo vessel and all purpose boat for harbour activities. The original plans for the Ontario Whitehall were based on one of these designs but proved to be one which did not translate well to woodstrip-epoxy construction. Simply put, it floated too high in the water and was not efficient. Designer Steve Killing came to the rescue and redrew the boat such that it now is lower and sleeker than the originals and sits deeper in the water which is quite appropriate for the recreational use of this boat.

Our Ontario WHITEHALL measures 16 feet in length with a maximum beam of 47" with a centre depth of 15". The Ontario WHITEHALL can carry loads ranging from 160 to 780 pounds.


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- Full-size drawings showing the profile, plan and section shape of the hull.
- Full size plans for the mold stations.
- Full size plans for stem molds.
- Builder's notes
- Epoxyworks newsletter
- WEST SYSTEM® technical manual

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