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Reliance 20-8
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Pleasure for two

· Length 20'8"
· Maximum beam 28.5"
· Beam waterline 27"
· Beam gunnel 28.5"
· Bow height 16"
· Centre depth 9"
· Draft 4.8"
· Displacement 510 lbs.
· Wetted surface 32.7 sq.ft.
· Weight to immerse 145 lb/in
· Prismatic coefficient 0.561
· Cockpit opening 31"x 17"
· Weight 50 to 60 lbs.

This boat has a comfortable feel to it. The length gives an incredibly calm unhurried impression even when the boat is moving at top speed. The beam of 28.5" provides room for cargo and gives a stability that makes kayaking in any weather comfortable. Moderate flare above the waterline will increase the stability as the boat heels. Two water tight compartments with access only by deck hatches provide enough flotation to keep the boat afloat in the event of a capsize.

All our full size kayak plans include the following:
-- Full-size drawings showing the profile, plan and section shape of the hull.
- Full size plans for the mold stations.
- Full size plans for stem molds.
- WEST SYSTEM® technical manual

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