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Freedom 17
Freedom 17 built at Ted Moores' canoe course.
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a modern efficient tripping canoe

· Length 17'
· Maximum beam 33.4"
· Beam waterline 31.75"
· Beam gunnel 32.5"
· Bow height 19.25"
· Centre depth 13.25"
· Draft 4.25"
· Displacement 420 lbs.
· Wetted surface 30.15 sq.ft.
· Weight to immerse 143.8 lb/in
· Prismatic coefficient 0.567
· Weight 45 to 55 lbs

The Freedom line of canoes are built in high quality synthetic materials by Bluewater Canoes, Guelph, Ontario.

The Freedom 17 features an asymmetrical hull with a slim bow, a maximum beam just aft of the middle and filled out stern sections to reduce the resistance. The gently rockered profile lets the boat turn with ease. Because of the slight tumblehome this canoe is a wonderful solo boat, but most of the time it can be found heading off on canoe trips with two avid canoeists on board. A fast responsive tripping canoe that's also easy to build.

All our full size canoe plans include the following:
- Full-size drawings showing the profile, plan and section shape of the hull.
- Full size plans for the mold stations.
- Full size plans for stem molds.
- The booklet 'Building a Bear Mountain Style Canoe'
- WEST SYSTEM® technical manual

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