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C1 marathon racing 18-6C1 marathon racing 18-6A specialized canoe for the racing enthusiast.
Canadien 16Canadien 16The boat your father loved.
Chaa Creek Expedition 19/9Chaa Creek Expedition 19/9high performance and high volume
Champlain 16Champlain 16A popular Peterborough Classic
Cottage Cruiser 15/6Cottage Cruiser 15/6the perfect canoe?
Freedom 15Freedom 15modern efficient pleasure canoe
Freedom 15'3" or 16'2" SoloFreedom 15'3" or 16'2" Soloa fine solo tripping canoe
Freedom 17Freedom 17a modern efficient tripping canoe
Freedom 17-9Freedom 17-9a big volume efficient canoe
Hiawatha 15Hiawatha 15a light displacement easy-paddling canoe
Huron Cruiser 15/9Huron Cruiser 15/9traditional yet sleek
Lorna 16Lorna 16A slim sweet hull for experienced paddlers
Nomad 17Nomad 17a traditional tripping canoe
Prospector 'Ranger' 15Prospector 'Ranger' 15a pocket-sized prospector
Prospector 16Prospector 16The standard for others to match
Redbird 17-6Redbird 17-6a fast light daytripper
Rob Roy 13Rob Roy 13a classic double paddle solo canoe
Solo Tripper 17Solo Tripper 17a fast light daytripper

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