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Rowing Boats For Sale

While a world frantically patched together from machines and industry and technology races onward, there is a growing thirst for life beyond buttons and paper. And outside of the cramped stampede of urban life, a little off the beaten path, there lies a land untouched by the rush of modernity: a private retreat of wide-open water and solitude. In this place, the only thing that separates you from the ground is your boots, the only thing that separates you from the sky is gravity, and the only thing that separates you from the water is Fermon.

Fermon Canoes started as the passion of one man for meticulous woodwork and the freedom found in the canoeing experience. His dedication and skill continue to this day with his handcrafted cedar canoe, rowboats and 2 person kayaks. Each is a brilliant crossing of rugged strength and careful art: lightweight, with no nails or ribs or space-age polymers at all to detract from the purity of design, each wooden canoe unique and painstakingly made by hand. We have a wide selection of Canadian canoe products for every need.

So when the blare of traffic and the shrill chirp of phones begin to wear on you, return to the simple life, if only for a moment, and be refreshed by timeless embrace of nature in a Fermon. It's a stroke of simplicity in a busy life. Canadian canoe, 2 person kayaks, wooden canoe and cedar canoe and all manner of rowing boats for sale.

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